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Everyone starts out as a novice. Talk to anyone who runs a successful business, or an accomplished athlete, or a seasoned actor. No matter how experienced they are now, each and every one was once a beginner.

Beginnings can be a beautiful thing. Everything is fresh and new. There’s a sense of excitement. The future holds unknown potential.

But beginnings can be difficult too. There’s often a sharp learning curve. You may giving 110% but seeing zero results. I’m sure many wish there was a button to jump ahead from beginner level to expert level. I know I sometimes do.

Attempting to make money blogging is brand new for me. I’m in the early stages. There is still much to learn, but these are the beginner blogger tips I’ve learned so far.

3 Things I’m Glad I Did When I Started A Blog

1. I started

This may seem silly, but hear me out. Trying something new can be intimidating for anyone. Mix the usual fear of the unknown with the procrastinating tendencies of a recovering perfectionist, and it’s a miracle if anything ever gets off the ground.

The advice I received from the blogging success guide I purchased pushed me to click publish sooner than I probably would have. Instead of getting hung up on whether a post is perfect enough, I accept the fact that everything is a work in progress. Wise blogging advice. Also, a great metaphor for life.

2. I got proper legal coverage

When I first read about the potential legal trouble you can get in from not have your blog properly protected, I was overwhelmed. Thankfully, I was able to use templates created by a lawyer to set up all three legal pages on my site. Some people claim that by using these templates, their pages were up and running in thirty minutes. It took me a little longer, but I still was able to get everything done in one afternoon.

I’m relieved that part is over! Having my blog protected legally is a weight off my mind. Now I can focus on creating quality content and promoting my blog.

3. I brainstormed post ideas ahead of time

Before I even registered my domain, I made a list of categories and topics to blog about. While producing them is taking me awhile, it’s nice to have so many ideas ready to go when I do have time to write.

Doing this also allowed me to see if my niche contained enough subtopics. In addition, I was able to gauge if the topics excited me. Trust me, you don’t want to blog about topics you have no interest in. It’s challenging enough to research and write about subjects you love!

3 Mistakes I Made When I Started a Blog

1. I chose the wrong site hosting package

This was such a rookie mistake. The hosting site I decided to use had several package options. I researched them ahead of time. When I finally went to click buy, I selected the wrong option. The package I signed up for wasn’t equipped with WordPress.

Luckily, customer service helped me quickly reverse my mistake. My biggest fear was that I’d lose my domain name since I’d already registered it. But in the end, it was no big deal and I was able to get the package I wanted and use my desired site name.

2. I didn’t research affiliate marketing enough

Going back to the hosting site I chose, I didn’t fully think that choice through. While I still like the options that came with my current plan, I missed potential affiliate benefits that some of the other companies offer.

I’m not sure if I’ll decide to change hosts or keep the one I selected. It sounds like once I have more traffic, I could apply for an affiliate program that has decent commissions. However, it appears it takes significant traffic in order to qualify. While I’d love that opportunity in the future, I’m not sure if it’s worth waiting that long.

3. I didn’t pace myself

Maybe you can relate to this mistake as well. You know when you’re so excited about something, you can hardly eat or sleep? Hours fly by without realizing. Well, during the first two weeks of starting my blog, I was tied to my laptop.

On one hand, it was great to feel enthusiastic about something again. Writing helped pull me out of rut I’d been stuck in for awhile.

I’m also proud of myself for putting in the time and effort. Blogging requires dedication and consistency.

However, between blogging and my full-time job, I spent almost every waking hour sitting and staring at a computer screen. Great for productivity, not so great for your eyes or physical wellbeing.

The initial work in setting up my blog was also the most challenging to date, because I had no clue what I was doing half the time. I spent my free time frustrated and got burnt out quickly.

If you’re considering starting a blog, I’d highly encourage you to make a realistic schedule and stick to it. Give yourself breaks to stand up and stretch. Get out of the house. Talk to some friends. Maybe you have friends that are gifted with technology that can even give you tips if you get stuck!

I was extremely eager to get my blog started and begin earning income because I wanted to quit my job. You may be in a similar position.

However, I urge you to take care of yourself. The better rested and healthy you stay, the better content you will produce. Don’t think of it as a sprint. Blogging is a marathon and you want to be in it for the long haul.

What blogging tips would you give a brand new blogger? Any mistakes you learned from? I’d love to know!

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