Can writing a blog really be a full-time job?

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Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a published author.

As a child, I loved writing. Creating stories came naturally and I filled many notebooks with ideas and first chapters. As I grew up, stories were stored on floppy disks (remember those!) and hard drives.

I was ecstatic when I graduated with my degree in English Literature so I could begin my grand writing career…until I realized how difficult it is to make a living as a creative.

Bills had to be paid, so I pursued other endeavors.

I was able to leverage my writing and research skills in other ways for various jobs, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t able to write the stories I wanted to tell.

Most of my time and energy went towards project managing and editing other people’s content, leaving me wanting to anything but read and write after work.

However, during in my late twenties, I started blogging for fun. While at times it was difficult to blog regularly alongside my full-time job, I enjoyed it. It gave me a creative outlet, a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings, and a place to document my experiences. Even if no one ever read it, the process was meaningful to me.

That was until I allowed other people’s opinions to influence me.

Anytime you produce something and share it with the world, you open yourself up to criticism. I’ve learned you must find ways to effectively filter the feedback. Learn what you need to for growth, but don’t allow negative comments to dictate your future.

Unfortunately, I allowed the voices of critics to crush my confidence as a writer.

For almost a decade after that experience, my desire to write disappeared. Once in a blue moon, inspiration would hit me and I’d jot down a few lines, but rarely did I ever dare to put pen to paper. Who was I to think that anyone cared what I had to say? I’d failed before, why fail again?

I think it’s finally time to challenge these self-perceptions. Does writing still bring me joy? If it does, then there should be no fear of failure. Writing for the enrichment it brings me alone is a good enough reason to try again.

Whether I can turn writing into a profitable, full-time profession is another story.

“Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.” – Jules Renard

Back when I started my first blog, there was no thought of monetizing it. I wrote to record a new chapter in my life and share my adventures with friends and family. I was thrilled if even just a few people visited my humble site.

Now I’m exploring the idea of blogging for both the benefits it provides me as a creative extension, and the potential it has to be a source of income.

Just to clarify, I don’t equate being a blogger as being the next big hit author. Not that there aren’t incredibly gifted writers out there blogging, because I’m sure there are! But I think this is a good starting point for me in exploring whether creative writing is still something meaningful to me. Instead of trying to craft some epic storyline, I will endeavor to share little snippets about daily life, staying open to whatever stories may eventually unfold.

I’m exercising a forgotten muscle so maybe one day it’ll be strong enough to finally finish telling the stories it’s been wanting to tell.

Blogging could also eventually allow me to leave my corporate job and free up time for other projects, like working on a novel.

So that leads to the burning question. Can blogging really make you money? Does writing a blog have legitimate potential to turn into a full-time job?

My experiment to answer this question begins!

Full time blogger

I was so inspired and motivated by this blogger’s tips on how she created a profitable blog that allowed her to quit her 9-5 that here I am today trying something I would have considered impossible before! This full-time blogger now earns above and beyond what she did at her previous corporate job and gets to help people on their own path to financial success!

Have you also wondered if you can make money as a blogger? Are you, like me, someone who wishes you could spend your limited time creating something of your own that adds value to this world, instead of building someone else’s legacy?

Do you dream of becoming financially independent so you can say goodbye to the corporate world and being chained to a desk? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to earn extra passive income online at home. What would having the freedom to control your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world mean to you?

For me, that would mean having the luxury to take longer trips to experience more of this vast, breathtaking world! Not working a 9-5 type job would hopefully equate to getting out there more often to meet new people because I’m not completely drained at the end of the day, while also spending more quality time with close friends and family.

Making my own schedule would look like getting up from my desk at any point on a beautiful, sunny day and taking a long, leisurely walk outside in the fresh air. Being my own boss would mean not stressing about performance reviews or feeling like I have to take on projects I dislike or working overtime to prove my worth.

Removing myself from the rat race would look like prioritizing peace and channeling more time and mental energy to address my truest needs. Creating a job I love would mean waking up in the morning and looking forward to working on projects, instead of dreading going to work. Leaving the corporate world to pursue what matters most to me could translate to renewed excitement and passion for life every day, versus just trying to survive until the weekend.

What does your peace-filled, passionate, enriched life look like?

With these dreams and goals in mind, I am beginning this new experiment as a blogger. Because there is so much I need to learn, I am referencing The Treasure Map To Blogging Success in Just 30 Days guide and doing additional research on blogging in my spare time.

Curious how much it costs to start a blog? I plan to document my expenses for reference, so check back often to see the latest reports!

As of 4/29/2023, I have invested in the following blogging tools:

  • Site hosting and domain name: $86.18 (2-year plan, price will increase after two years)
  • Blogging guide: $35 (one-time payment)
  • Blog theme: $47 (annual plan)
  • Canva Pro: $119.99 (annual plan, but I’m still on the free trial and deciding if I like this enough to buy)

Total: $168.18 (because I haven’t paid for Canva yet)

I will likely pick up an additional guide on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog by the same author of the guide I’m currently following. Also, I plan to invest in website policy and disclaimer templates written by a lawyer to make sure my blog is legally protected.

Those two additional resources are pricier than what I’ve spent so far, but I think they’ll be worth it.

As soon as I test each of these tools thoroughly, I will provide reviews so you can decide if you want to check them out yourself!

I also want to call out that I am not interested in promoting low-quality, meaningless items or fads just to make a buck. The words “salesman” and “influencer” make me uneasy because I don’t like feeling pressured or bombarded to buy things I don’t need. I actually avoid social media for the most part because I want to focus on living my authentic life, instead of being influenced by what everyone else is doing or the latest trends that I know will quickly change. But that is just my personal decision and I respect that your authentic life may thrive through social media!

I say all that so you know I am very mindful of anything I personally recommend. I know that when I’m looking to make a purchase or try something new, the reviews and resources I find online are often extremely helpful in my decision making process, so I strive to provide the same valuable input for you.

Are you also feeling inspired to try blogging as a way to earn income? Let me know how it’s going and what tools you’re using!

To all those who have stories to tell, keep sharing.

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